How many lives are
you responsible for?

Just yours? Your family? An entire team? Let us help you put healthier within reach.

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Find answers, plans and control

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Design for more positive set of emotions

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Rooted in something beautifully human: care

We’re on a mission to improve lives.

But we know sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes work gets in the way. We help people get unstuck.

It’s about simple, small changes in daily life.

We’re better with stronger minds and stronger bodies. We live more rewarding and happier lives with stability and energy, allowing us to go further while feeling better.

A holistic haven of hands-on care.

With a process that puts you and your team first, using the latest technology to propel a human experience.


For whole collective.
We assess each individual on your
team, mentally and physically, to
create a clear picture.


With tailored programs.
After review, our diagnostic
coaches design a package for
your team’s needs.


Seamless health.
An intuitive platform meeting
people where they are, usable
anytime and anywhere.


To keep improving.
Ongoing reassessment that follows
your health journey, adapting
programs to changing needs.

How it works

World-leading technology trusted by millions of users in 100+ countries

Holistic care ecosystem personalised to fit - your -life

Optional recurring blood testing with lifestyle advice

Emotional and physical wellbeing advice provided by skilled care providers and therapists

Instant access to virtual and hands-on care for qualitative recovery

What makes us unique?

More targeted assessments. Assessment questionnaires and blood testing

Physical + Mental Care. MSK Experts and Emotional Wellbeing Experts

Easier to follow. Tailored exercises and motion detection

More than just an app. Seamless in-app experience and a network of clinics.

We are committed to empowering individuals with technology to help them make decisions about their health. To help them embark on their journey towards their life goals. To help them form habits and building healthy cultures. To improve their lives, and the lives they are responsible for. That is what Access is all about.

Henrik Molin

CEO and Co-founder